As in most cases! Doing your homework, instead of hiring blindly, will save you tons of headaches and money.

Most of our competition use false sales techniques! They might claim their warranty is the best offered. It sounds way to good to be true, then it usually is. They actually lie about it, to gain your trust and your business. Check Yelp reviews and BBB, before hiring. This will help you understand what kind of business practices, they do.

If the price you received from one company, is way cheaper than the other couple bids you have received, there's usually something wrong and should raise a red flag. If a company is undercutting their competition, then they are undercutting their quality too and that is the kind of job you will get!

Use the #1 rule to start out with - 1st impressions is the best way to start. Is the salesman to pushy? Do they dress the part (a paint company that comes to an estimate in a business suite, doesn't match the industry norm. That is like going to court with painter clothes on)? Does their presentation match what they are saying and if yes, then do your homework after they leave, to back up those claims and to save yourself some headaches.

Never give money down, in a service type of business. If a company can not afford to front the job, then they should not be in business in the 1st place.

No matter what, research the company that you decide to hire, before you sign a contract. If you google a company, yelp and check the BBB, you normally can see what their business practices are. You will save yourself a major hassle from the get go.


Quantity over Quality

Jus*Painting does not boast about the number of homes and businesses that we have painted over the years. We believe in quality over quantity. We know we can not paint every home and business in Colorado, but the jobs we do are quality over quantity!
Usually the companies telling people the number of homes they have done, lack in the quality the customer desires.
This leads to high pressure sales and warranty gimmicks.
If you check reviews online of any service business you want to hire, you can find the kind of business they run.
If you need a quick fix and do not need quality, which is lasting ability. Then the quantity companies are your best bet!
Spring is here! Need home improvement!?!
Tip  of the day = stay away from businesses that try to pressure you into going with them. There is a reason why they are pushy!

Make the right decision on purchasing of goods and services!

With the bad economy and people not making what they use to make, it is a wise decision not to impulse shop.
With the dollar not stretching as far these days, we are all wanting the best bang for our buck.
Thank goodness for internet reviews. Instead of purchasing blindly and believing of all the gimmicks and lies, it is best to research a company before making a major purchase (major purchase = $1000+ to most), so you don't feel ripped off when all is said and done. If you would just do a little searching on the internet, you can weed out the bad one's, by experiences others have had. Cheap is not always bad and bad is not always cheap.
Steve W. - A Better Way to Search For a Local Biz.

 Pick me, not them!

Standing out in a busy marketplace doesn’t always mean reinventing the wheel,
it sometimes helps but here’s something…
Just be better than your

There are a huge amount of businesses out there all doing the same thing but what makes a customer choose whether to use you or the next company in the google listings?
From a marketing perspective, I could spout a load of hoo harr about what businesses should and shouldn’t do. I’m not going to do that, mainly because you’ll get bored, switch off and think about something far more enjoyable. Although I will give these three tips from the point of view of a consumer. Yes, I buy stuff, I’m a consumer, I don’t just tout my business all day every day!

Shock horror, customers don’t buy purely on price. Customers are savvy shoppers and are always looking for a bargain, but a bargain doesn’t mean the cheapest. Quality is number one. When I go to buy something, I compare quality and that doesn’t mean just the product or service. It’s the quality of service, after care and knowledge that I’ve been sold something that fits my needs.

Know your stuff.
It could be the difference between a customer buying from you or not. If you don’t know your product or service inside out, get learning! A customer wants to deal with knowledgeable and experienced people so they understand what they’re buying and are reassured that they’ve made the right decision. On the other hand, you need to find out what the customer needs first and if your product or service suits what they’re looking for.

Branding. I’ve always said that looks don’t matter, but they help! So true in this instance as the customer looking to buy from you will judge you. They’ll judge how useable your website is, how easy it is for them to contact you and if you have a retail store, how clean, well laid out your store is. If you give the impression of shoddiness in your own branding and your logo or website is tired, it doesn’t exactly give off a great impression to a customer that wants to give you their money.
Of course when the customer has decided to use you, ask them why! I always find businesses ask why they got turned down for a job or why something fell through but never why they got chosen. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know how your competitors are doing.

The most important steps in exterior house painting includes surface prep and quality paint.  Preparing the surface prior to painting your home will make or break your paint job.  It is rarely the paint film itself that fails but rather the adhesion of the paint to the surface below (often called "substrate" in painting lingo).  The reason paint fails to adhere is because the surface to which it was applied, was wet or was loose itself.  So making sure your paint surface is dry and free from dirt, grease, oils and flaking or loose paint, will give your paint and primer a good surface from which to bond. 
Painting the exterior of your house over wet or poorly prepared surface is like building a house on a bad foundation, and that's never been a good idea.
Even though every painting company recommends power washing your exterior before painting, 3000 - 4000 psi is not always good for your homes structure. This kind of pressure will leave the inner side of siding and inner structure walls,  with moisture that will need to evaporate eventually. This can and will make exterior paint blister, bring water damage to the interior walls and take away from the lasting ability, of your new paint job.
Unless your exterior surfaces shows dirt and chaulking, most likely your exterior can be rinsed with the garden hose and wet rags to remove minor debris (like spider webs) and such.
Your garden hose will have about 35 - 65psi and will not overly damage your home.
We all have heard of the book Fifty  Shades of Grey, by author E. L. James.
Did you know there are literally over 150 colors of white? How does one know the color he/she will like?
Every color can have an effect on your eye's. Every person see's colors differently. How do you know the color you might like? A lot has to do with personal preference, but some has to do with the colors surrounding. If you have pure white walls and your decorations of the room are bold (like a dark couch, bold paintings on the wall and so on), that will break up the white that is noticed.
There is white that is more to the black (white/greyish) and then there is white that leans towards the yellows (creams). Depending on the surrounding of the furnishings, it can change what tint you see in the paint color.
Painting is considered a skill and artistic.
With the wide selection of painting contractors these days, how do you know which one will give you the best quality, best price and has the best customer service?
When choosing the right painting company, one should look for the following.
#1 - are they a franchise or a family owned business
(smaller family owned businesses, usually have more on the line, like their reputation to uphold. Franchises are usually ran by the bottom line = money, not quality. Franchises and large family owned business usually have poor customer service)
#2 - is the family owned business, small or large
(larger family owned businesses usually are ran like a franchise. You get an estimater, then you will get a job coordinator who will bring in the painters. The owner is rarely seen and quality control falls by the wayside, because they all work for the bottom line = money.)
#3 - is the company offering something that is unreasonable
(gimmick warranty = a warranty that is beyond the average length of paint performance. Colorado for instance, exterior paint jobs should last minimum 5 years and max. 7 - 8 years, before it is time to put on another protective coating. A lot of companies try to sale a 10 - 14 year warranty = this is a gimmick and most likely those companies will not be in business before the warranty expires).
#4 - Sales Pressure
beware of the companies that hound you after giving the initial estimate. There is no good reason that a company should pressure you to make a decision  after giving you an estimate - they keep calling and knocking on your door and usually will give a new incentive to go with them = this shows desperation
#5 - Reviews
with the internet these days, you can find out a lot about their business practices. Normally the best way to search reviews is, look for consistency in all reviews. If there is multiple reviews saying the same thing, it is a good bet that is what you will get. The rule of thumb is - 1 bad review is common, 2-3 bad reviews should be questioned and multiple bad reviews is and should be a red flag
While painting your home exterior can be a rewarding and money-saving experience, great pains must be 
taken to ensure that you are doing it at the best time, both seasonally and in  terms of your personal lifestyle. You get only one chance to do it right, and doing it wrong can be expensive and time-consuming.
In Colorado - Spring, summer and fall are typically the best times of the year to start painting.
Cold weather also can have a negative effect on paint, and for exterior paints it is recommended you paint  in temperatures of at least 50 and after nighttime temps. are above freezing


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